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mercredi 2 juillet 2014

July News

Where to start?  This month has whizzed by in a flurry of fish, chips and school reports!  While I've been overwhelmed by the level of concentration and effort necessary to keep the students motivated and contained during the last few weeks of term, John has been increasingly busy with the campsite – lots of happy campers as the weather has been so good, and plenty of drinks and meals served  every evening in the bar.  We've had several great ‘soirees’ – ‘Georges and Jean’ in early June and just last week, Betty Boup.  Both events were blessed by the warm evening sunshine and a lovely atmosphere.  Bertrand the Starman also visited and gave us with a very entertaining presentation of the stars and viewing through his telescopes – Saturn, Mars and an impressive ‘flare’ by a passing satellite.  The brocante at Francueil and the Fete de la St Jean were also bathed in sunshine and a good ‘ambiance’ – thanks to Mick for these atmospheric photos! 
Paella with Georges and Jean

'Starman' presentation
Star gazing
Feu de la St Jean
Betty Boup
Late June/early July is usually fairly quiet on the campsite which gives us time to train the last couple of team members to arrive, and to prepare for high season.  Bookings are good so don’t leave it too late to reserve your pitch for the summer!  School breaks up next week so we’re all looking forward to that – it takes a bit of pressure off not having to worry about early bedtimes and rushing for the bus in the morning. 

Sarah's Friday morning country walk
The last few weeks of term were amazingly intense for me .. once the end of term reports were done, a good proportion of the kids decided that they didn't need to work .. and of course, being a supply teacher, they tried to see how far they could push me …. So it took lots of energy and good humor to keep on top of the classes… The school have asked me if I would be prepared to work again next year … I feel I have one foot in the door and it seems to make sense to keep it there so I have signed on again for next term … if they need me!

In the meantime, I’m now free to re-integrate the campsite team … but they seem to be managing so well without me and I don’t want to step on any toes!!  Over the winter, I took part in a NLP course and got my Practitioner certificate.  I've signed up to do the masters in the autumn and in the meantime, I’m keen to get as much experience as I can and I’m hoping that I can find some willing guinea pigs on the campsite this summer.  So if you’d like to kick start a new diet; need help with difficult decisions or a dilemma about future plans; have a phobia you’d like to get rid of; or want to find more harmony in your life, then I’d be happy to give it a go.  Email us or talk to either me or John when you’re on site to fix a convenient time for a chat!

Our next update will be sometime in late July when we’ll hopefully be well and truly into the swing of things!

Thanks to Mick, Chinny Ferwerda and Grandma Bowen for the photos....